JDM 1995 Accord SiR with H22a motor.


17X7J OZ Racing (R), 17X7J WORK S1 Meister 2Pc (F)
Michellin 215/45/17 (will be replaced soon w/ S1 Meister)
Spoon Calipers Front & Rear, Endless CCS Brake Pads
OHLINS Ride/Ht Adjustable Shocks, CUSCO Pillow Ball Front & Rear Upper Mounts, BESTEX Springs, FET Carbon Fiber Front Upper Strut Bar, CUSCO Rear Tower Bar
H22A Engine, SARD filter, Spoon Oil Cap, Spoon Radiator Cap
JES (Japan Electronic Systems) Computer
HKS Racing Spark Plugs, Split Fire Spark Plug Wires
Mugen Header, Tanabe Racing Medallion
OMP Red Suede Steering Wheel, JDM Type R Red Suede Recaro Seats, TAKATA 5 pt Harness, ABT Shift Knob, HKS Camp Onboard Monitoring System, Carbon Fiber Dash, Recaro Child Safety Seat (cool huh?)
Phantom Autometer Tach w/ Shift Light, BLITZ Pillar Pod with BLITZ Oil Temp Gauge & Oil Press Gauge, BLITZ Carbon Fiber Meter Holder w/ Vacuum Gauge, HKS Water Temp Gauge
RAZO Pedals
Alpine CD Receiver & Changer, Alpine Equalizer, Sony Crossover, Sony MD Changer, All BOSE Speakers including Subwoofer JDM, Viper Alarm
Ganador Side Mirrors, Carbon Fiber Door Pillars, OE Wind Deflectors, JAMEX Gas Door Cover, Blue HONDA Emblem
BELLOF HID Headlights, CIBIE Fog Lamps
Body Kit
Greddy Front Lip Spoiler, STILLEN Side Steps, Mugen Rear Valance, Mugen Front Grille, Mugen Deck Lid Spoiler


  1. accordcd8
  2. David Bang
    David Bang
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    Jean Paul Peters
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    Paolo Pineda
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  1. accordcd8

    Hi Teenoh, nice car. Although I am interested in buying your rear lip, front grille and rear spoiler. Please let me know.

  2. William Chiu
    William Chiu

    @Jeremy I did the swap and love my H22a. All the added power makes it really fun to drive and I’ve never regretted it.

  3. Mad Accord
    Mad Accord

    @AM7AccordHybrid Keep in mind that the stock F22B1 actually has 145hp, so it would be a 55 hp boost up to a JDM H22. @Jeremy Hobbs The answer to your question is hell yes. It cut more than a full second off my time at the track and was definitely worth it. I never had the chance to run it after taking some weigh off and puttin in a new header, but still doing really good times. The VTEC on F22B1 was a complete joke, just like all SOHC VTEC engines. It was only there for fuel economy and...

  4. AM7AccordHybrid

    Jeremy YES!!!!! the motor on my accord was completely shot and the h22 would have been a lot of money. If I had had a f22b1, which already had 150 hp, I prob wouldnt have done it but the h22 is definitely better. Just know that the hp/dollar avg increases. It’s great for how much power you’ll get. My car can turn 8k without blowing the motor and I get pretty good mileage. I’m considering running low boost on the stock JDM engine, about 6 psi.

  5. Bj Ong
    Bj Ong

    I’d say yea definitely do the swap. I know a guy with a ‘93 4-door SE Accord that has a H22 and it’s unreal. If you want supercar performance you’ll end up paying insane $$$ for internals and turbos.

  6. Jeremy Hobbs
    Jeremy Hobbs

    I have an Accord and was thinking of doing the H22A swap--should I?


    reaja my cover photo is a place called The Bentendo Hall and is one of my favorite places in my country to visit. It’s know for the scenery and is part of the Daigo-ji a Shingon Buddhist temple in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan. I checked out your Accord, I'm a fan and left you a comment.

  8. reaja

    Those fogs make it look aggressive... never seen that before. I like it! I also wanted to know where in Japan your cover photo is from on your profile page. The building and trees are really cool looking.