Honda Vamos

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Honda Vamos by Kzaral, CC BY 2.0.

The Honda Vamos was a leisure mini SUV produced by Honda from 1970 to 1973. It was reintroduced in 1999 as a trim level of the Acty microvan. The name "vamos" means "let's go" in the Spanish language.

The Honda Vamos was available as a kei truck. At the time, the Honda Vamos was a competitor of the Suzuki Jimmy. It is approximated that only 2,500 of these vehicles were sold. Honda had high hopes that the Honda Dax minibike would be closely associated with the Honda Vamos, as well as help it grow in popularity. However, it had a Volkswagen type image due to a spare tire being located on the front of the vehicle and the distinctive sound from an air-cooled engine. It also had an open cabin design. Because it was not a four-wheel drive vehicle, the Honda Vamos was not a very popular vehicle and never really paved its way into being a car that car consumers wished to purchase over other models available at the time.

One main feature of the Honda Vamos was the optional and removable car seat it contained. Another unique feature of this vehicle was that it only offered lap only seat belts for all passenger of the vehicle rather than seat belts that crossed the shoulders. It also had a convertible top that could be easily and quickly removed. Since the Honda Vamos had an open top, the switches and instrumentation were water and dust proof.

The Honda Vamos was targeted more for personal use as opposed to the Acty truck and van that was targeted more towards industrial and commercial uses. Many of the luxury features the Vamos contains are not made available for the Acty vehicle. There are many unique features and trim packages to choose from with the most recent generation of this vehicle.

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