Honda Torneo

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Honda CL1 Euro R Accord/Torneo by Danny Davis, CC BY-ND 2.0, Adjusted levels and cropped from original.

The Honda Torneo debuted in Japan in 1997. Honda did not market the vehicle to consumers in America. Although the car was only sold at Honda Clio businesses, consumers could also buy the Torneo at specific Honda networks.

The design team at Honda gave the Torneo HID headlights. This technology was not popular during that time. The vehicle also had four engines that featured VTRC components. Sport packages were also available; Honda offered the SiR Euro, the SiR-T, and the Euro R trim at a reasonable price.

The Euro R had an H22A engine that produced 220 hp. The interior features were very luxurious; Honda wrapped quality leather around the seats and steering wheel. Honda included sporty features too, such as an aluminum shift knob and an efficient exhaust system. The company also offered a factory kit to consumers who wanted a custom vehicle. According to Honda, the Torneo and the Accord have the same mechanical components. The only difference is the exterior design.

Honda only produced 1100 SiR automobiles for consumers in Japan. The F20B was a popular automobile because it had a unique valve cover and an engine that reached higher revolutions per minute.

The Accord SiR and the SiR-T have similar components, but the SiR had an automatic transmission system and manual shifting capabilities. Industry experts gave the engine a high rating because it had great midrange characteristics.

Although sales were high, Honda stopped manufacturing the Honda Torneo in 2001. The economic effects in Japan influenced the company's decision.

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