Honda That

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Honda That by Kuha455405, CC BY-SA 3.0.

The Honda That has been manufactured specifically for the Japanese market since 2002 and is sold only in Japan. It can be shipped to other countries for a fee. It is a unique vehicle both in design and proportion, with a five door hatchback body of the "tall wagon" style, giving it in height what it lacks in length and width. It has been an extremely popular vehicle in Japan for commuter use as well as a dependable family car.

Because the That is a kei car, which means it can not have an engine larger than 1.4 liters, it meets all kei car standards set by the Japanese government to save on fuel and lower emissions. It also meets the low-cost insurance government standards, which makes it very desirable as a family vehicle. It is offered in both front wheel and all wheel drive versions and when it was first offered for sale there was also a turbo-charged version available, but the manufacture of that model has since been discontinued. All models have a three-speed automatic transmission.

The That's original price was 1,034,000 Japanese yen but in October, 2004, Honda released a special version with some design changes and dropped the turbo-charged version. The price of the improved and updated That was dropped to 900,000 yen and this had the effect of boosting sales by 200%. The That has been one of the most popular cars in Japan, prized for its fuel efficiency, its versatility, and its kei car design which makes it an economical choice for long commutes or family outings.

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