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1996 Honda Odyssey taken at Valley of Fire Park in Nevada by Robert Pernett, CC BY 2.0, Adjusted levels and cropped from original.

In 1994, Honda has introduced this raised wagon to the world. The first two countries where it was sold were the United States and Japan. Some versions of this raised wagon had an optional 4WD and an ultra powerful engine with a very advanced chassis called RA5. Aero models of Honda Shuttle had a sunroof. Moreover, Honda Shuttle, also called Honda Odyssey, featured something very few other cars in its category of that time featured: two air-conditioning systems: one for the rear seats and one for the front seats.

This Honda wagon was so successful that it became Journalists' Conference Car of the Year. The country where it won this award is Japan, the country where its rivals included Nissan Bassara and Toyota Gaia.

In 1999, Honda has introduced a second generation of this raised wagon. The first two countries where it was sold were Australia and Japan. At a later time, it was introduced to China. There it was sold as a left hand drive vehicle.

Though it was called a second generation, the new generation of Honda Odyssey had many similarities to its previous generation. Appearance and share kept the same style. However, Honda's engineers did make some significant changes. One of them was a shorter saloon length. Another one was the fact that it became longer and wider.

There was a sporty version of second generation Honda Shuttle. It featured modified suspension that made the car behave in a more agile manner. It also featured the high-quality 17-inch wheels and many changes in both its interior and exterior design.

Immediately after its launch, second generation Honda Shuttle became very popular in Australia, even more popular than the first generation Honda Shuttle. However, a few years later, the sales of second generation Honda Shuttle fell to an all-time low.

The other three generations of Honda Shuttle were released in 2003, 2008, and 2013. The fifth generation of Honda Shuttle, the one released in 2013, is still in production.

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