Originally introduced in March of 64,' the Honda S600 became the first car ever developed by this manufacturer that was available to drivers in two different trim levels. It was first introduced as a convertible and was also available as a fastback coupe as well. Kept in production until 1966, the three-year manufacturing time resulted in over 11,000 convertibles and more than 1,800 S600 coupes. During its run, the S600 experienced very few stylistic changes, the most notable of which were related to the grille, the headlights, and the bumper.

This Honda came with a 6-cylinder, inline engine that was capable of producing 57 horsepower. Thanks to the four carburetors at work, the S600 can reach top speeds of 90 mph at 8,500 rpm. The suspension also made for a smooth ride at the time of production thanks to the independent suspension and the isolated, roller-chain drive that ran to each of its rear wheels.

The S600 made its mark by becoming the first car that Honda ever marketed on a mass scale. As it began to reach broader export markets, it made the transition from an exclusively right-hand drive vehicle to a versatile one that offered left-hand drive as well. The upgraded trim for both the roadster and the coupe included such special features as unique badges, exclusive colors, extra cushioning, and detachable passenger seating.

This sports car from Honda used a two-door design for both styles. The manual, 4-speed transmission also worked with a water-cooled engine whose capacity was 606 cc in its final iteration. The S600 built upon many of the advances made by the Honda S500 and was eventually retired with the release of the S800. The S600 reached high speeds thanks in part to its light weight. The convertible weighed under 1,600 pounds while the coupe stayed around the same weight thanks to its use of sheet metal for the body.

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