The S2000 was first introduced at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show as the Honda Sport Study Model. The first production S2000 was in 1999. The 2.0 liter (122 C.I.) engine gives the S2000 its name.

The S2000 roadster enjoyed a 50/50 F/R weight distribution, and rear wheel drive. The engine was located behind the front drive train, for a mid engine layout. The original 2.0 liter engine was rated at between 237-247 HP, depending on the market it was built for. A 6 speed manual was standard, along with a limited slip differential.

In 2004 Honda introduced the 2nd generation S2000. Wheel size was increased from 16" to 17". Engine displacement was bumped from 1997cc to 2157cc, but the designation remained as the S2000. The red line was reduced from 8800 rpm to 8000 rpm, and engine power was unchanged.

In 2008 Honda produced a Club Racer model for the US, dubbed the CR. It came with wider tires, body kit, and a stiffer suspension. A large spoiler was added as well that reduced lift by up to 70%. Only 699 units were produced in its 3 year run. Japan's market got the S model, which was largely identical to the CR, and 1755 units were produced there.

In 2009 Honda released a S2000 Ultimate Edition for Europe and a GT Edition 100 for Great Britain. Both vehicles were in Grand Prix White, and had a removable hard top.

All production ended in 2009, but sales continued until 2011 on residual vehicles. Only 112,000 cars were manufactured during its 11 year run.

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