The Honda Ridgeline was built by engineers in Alliston, Ontario. In 2014, the company announced that the vehicle was no longer produced in America.

In the past, a team of Honda engineers designed the blueprint for the Ridgeline using specs from the Honda MDX. As a result, the vehicle was constructed with a closed frame and an independent suspension system. The Ridgeline also has plenty of storage space because the engineers developed a unique rear suspension design.

When the Ridgeline debuted, it had a very high price tag, so sales were slow in many cities. To influence purchases, many dealers offered discounts throughout the year. Because sales continued to suffer, Honda redesigned the vehicle and debuted a Sport trim, which had a lower price tag.

In 2009, Honda updated the Ridgeline completely. The new vehicle had a better engine, an advanced transmission, and a stylish steering wheel.

Because the Honda Ridgeline is a highly efficient vehicle, it won a Motor Trend award and the North American Truck of the Year award. The 4WD traction system impressed many industry experts. The transmission uses the front-wheel mode during regular driving conditioning. However, it transfers power to the back wheels automatically whenever additional torque is needed. The system also has VTM-4 locks that provide full power on the road until the vehicle reaches six mph. Then, power is transfered to the front of the vehicle gradually.

Although Honda stopped production several years ago, many industry experts think that the company will redesign the vehicle in 2016.

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