Honda N III

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Honda N360 by Kzaral, CC BY 2.0

Honda released its N III Kei car models in 1970. They came standard with four doors, and the models included the N III 360 T, the N III De Luxe and the N III Town Custom. These models stemmed from the 1968 Honda N360. However, the N360 featured a sophisticated automatic transmission, an option unavailable with the N III.

Kei Jidosh model cars were developed in Japan in the late 1940s to meet government regulations on physical car size and engine displacement, regulations that were required to reduce fuel consumption and carbon monoxide emissions. Honda created the N III line when the maximum engine displacement requirement was 360 cubic centimeters. The 360 cc model Kei cars were also manufactured by Suzuki, Subaru, Mazda and Daihatsu.

The Honda N III 360 T has a sedan four-door body style with a front mounted engine and a front wheel powered drive-line. The engine is a naturally aspirated two cylinder with a single overhead camshaft and a displacement of 0.4 liters. The 360 T has a 0.65 top gear ratio, a 3.38 final drive ratio, and a top speed of 75 miles per hour. However, Honda did make a N III 360 model for export with a 598 cc engine and a top speed of over 80 miles per hour.

The Honda N III De Luxe is the lightest of the N III models at just over 1091 lbs. The De Luxe has similar specifications to the 360 T with a top speed of 71 miles per hour at 5500 rpm. The Town Custom is the longest N III car at over nine feet from bumper to bumper. The Town Custom also comes standard with similar specifications as the 360 T and the De Luxe. However, the Town Custom features expanded available options.

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