Honda Model X

When the American Honda Motor Co. was ready to reveal its ability to be creative and maintain its position in the world as a highly competitive automaker, it proudly displayed the Honda Model X. The concept car came out in 2002 and then went into production in 2003.

The Honda Corporation was able to show the world that it was still highly innovative and that this new model could make headway against the stiff competition of American companies. The Honda Model X was intended to attract younger buyers who had a more active lifestyle. At its base price, it was sold at a reasonable cost in order to attract younger buyers.

The Model X was a clear deviation away from what had been considered more traditional among American vehicles at the time. Its doors opened wide and there was no usual post between them. This enabled large sports equipment to be put inside easily, such as mountain bikes, surfboards, or snowboards. Increased vehicle height made it easier to load.

Part of the attraction to the younger generation was that it would be the perfect vehicle to take on an outdoor activity. Whether they were going to the beach or to the mountains, it was intended to be the vehicle that every active college student needed.

The president of the American Honda Motor Co., Inc., revealed that the company intended for the Honda Model X to be a cross between a pickup truck and an SUV, but still being better than either one. This included everything needed for the best road trip possible.

When the Honda Model X was unveiled in 2003, it was called the Honda Element. The model was produced between 2003 and 2011. It was designed with front-wheel or all-wheel drive options. There were about 325,000 of these vehicles produced.

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