Honda Mobilio

Honda Mobilio was a highly anticipated vehicle of 2014. It was unveiled that year at the Delhi Auto Expo in India, quickly generating a lot of buzz on the Internet. Its main rival are Toyota Innova and Suzuki Ertiga. Some aficionados of this auto market segment claim that Honda Mobilio does not pack enough features to compete with Toyota Innova. But Mobilio RS, a sporty version of this model, packs enough to compete with Innova.

This Honda has compact proportions which make it a good choice for south east Asia and India. It is built on Honda's signature principle of 'Man maximum, machine minimum' which has given this Honda a spacious cabin with plenty of legroom.

In terms of design, it features a large front bumper with the sporty edges that are colored everywhere except for their black center. Its side profile, however, is the best part of its design. The striking bolt belt line and the sporty contours emphasize the sporty nature of Honda Mobilio RS. The sharply designed roofline blends in with overall design very well. So does the enhanced 3-row window glass. Yet another good thing about its design is that it has a ground clearance of 189 mm. This clearance is higher than that of its rivals, such as Toyota Innova and Suzuki Ertiga. Moreover, a flared rear fender and carefully contoured tail-gate make the rear of this MUV far more dynamic than that of an average MUV.

In terms of features, this model of Honda is definitely an outstanding vehicle. It has revised bumpers, high-quality alloy wheels, twin-slat chrome grille, and spoilers mounted on the roof, not to mention the redesigned LED projector head-lamps.

This Honda is also known for its excellent fuel efficiency. As a matter of fact, its fuel efficiency figures are better than those of its rivals, including Toyota Innova and Suzuki Ertiga. Moreover, the friction reduction has been significantly boosted by Honda since the previous model.

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