The Honda Logo is one of the few Super-mini vehicles to be produced by this manufacturer between 1996 and 2001. Featuring models that ranged between the GA3 and the GA5, this Honda qualifies as a hatchback that was available as both a three-door and five-door vehicle. In terms of size, the Logo stood between the Civic and the Honda Life. Eventually replaced by the Fit, the Logo came with a 1.3-liter engine that utilized eight valves in earlier versions and sixteen valves in later models. According to the manufacturer, the Logo was released in an effort to mirror the success that they experienced with the first generation of the Honda Civic.

Throughout the production life of the Logo, the only engine used was the D13B. The upgrade in power that came later on in production came on the heels of complaints about underwhelming performance. Honda also responded to driver concerns by offering the CVT transmission. This change increased the potential torque of the vehicle in addition to increasing its fuel economy. The combination of the three and five-speed transmission that evolved out of the development of the Logo resulted in a CVT system that was referred to as the utterly unique "Honda Multimatic" combo.

On the time line of the Logo, there were always small improvements being made to either the vehicle design or aesthetics on the interior and exterior. In 1998, improvements were made concerning safety, emissions, and real-time 4WD. The TS "special edition" models were introduced in 1999. Along with such editions came improvements in interior styling and materials on top of limited-edition colors. These body and bumper choices included such offerings as "Super Sonic Blue Pearl," "Claris," and "Silver Crystal." While sales were never as high as anticipated, the vehicle always remained true to its commitments concerning economy and practicality.

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