The first Honda Legend debuted in 1985 in Japan. The vehicle has designed by engineers after Honda executives developed a business deal with a British automotive group called Austin Rover. The Rover group was known for producing luxury cars overseas.

In 1987, Honda produced the Legend Coupe. This particular trim had an advanced power train and an efficient suspension system. Honda also made a Japanese coupe, but the frame was longer and bulkier. This design scheme boosted the vehicle's tax liability; as a result, Honda designers decreased the length of the wheelbase.

In 1988, the Exclusive trim was introduced in the United States. It featured a dashboard that was made of genuine wood. However, later that year, the Honda design team redesigned the dashboard and the interior components. These upgrades made the automobile more luxurious. Because the Honda Legend was so popular, Honda developed other cars based on the Legend.

Honda completely redesigned the Honda Legend in 1995. Consumers had two options, which were the coupe and sedan. Since this Legend had a 3.2 C32A engine, the automobile was known as the Super Legend in Japan. Honda developed a new tool for the Japanese market. The Super Legend had an advanced navigation system that used a gas gyroscope instead of satellite-based features.

The next Honda Legend debuted at many dealerships in 1996. This vehicle still had front-wheel drive and a solid engine. Consumers who wanted a more comfortable ride purchased the Exclusive trim because it had a better suspension system.

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