The Honda Intregra is a vehicle that is sometimes sold as the Acura Intregra. It is a Japanese produced automobile. It is a larger form of the Honda Civic. The Integra is more luxurious and has a more sporty feel than the Civic. The Integra received exceptional recognition through its life because of its handling and performance.

The Honda Intregra has achieved many accomplishments. A magazine, "Car and Driver", gave the car the title of being on the Ten Bist list. It also received recognition as being the best front-wheel drive car by Evo Magazine in 2006.

There are a variety of generations of the Integra. The vehicles of the first generation made their first appearance in 1985. They were originally known as the Honda Quint Integra and were initially only available at dealerships in Japan. They then went on to later be offered on sale in North America. The engines of this automobile originally came with two different engines. These two types of engines were known as the "Browntop" and the "Blacktop". The name was given due to the different colors of their valve colors.

The latest series of the Integra made its debut in 2001. It made its debut as the Acura RSX. The name was given due to the new naming scheme Acura was using to name its vehicles. In 2006, Honda made the announcement that the Integra would be discontinued. The reason was due to the coupe market shrinking. However, consumers reacted so harshly toward this discontinuation that Honda was actually forced to extend production of the Integra so that 150 more Integras would be produced. Honda also made the decision to discontinue the RSX because it did not fit well with the market strategy Acura was trying to implement in order to have the most success with car consumers.

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