The Honda Inspire debuted with a five-cylinder engine in 1989. Although the automobile had a solid top, the frame was sturdy because there was a pillar between the passenger compartments. Honda designed the vehicle in two styles. The narrower and shorter car was called the Accord Inspire. The Inspire had a luxurious interior, but the features did not increase the overall cost. The materials in the cabin were designed by a furniture company in Japan. Honda designers chose unique leather seats and a stylish wooden dash.

The Honda Inspire and the Honda Legend have the same dimensions. However, the Honda Inspire had better luxury features and a number of useful technologies. Honda marketed the Inspire at Honda Clio businesses. The marketing team also advertised the vehicle throughout the Honda Verno network.

In 1998, Honda manufactured an improved Honda Inspire. In the United States, this vehicle was called the Acura TL. The car did not have the same engine; Honda upgraded the automobile so that consumers could choose a four-speed or five-speed transmission. The frame also got an upgrade because the company always uses the latest materials that prevent major injuries after an impact.

Honda introduced slight advanced Honda Inspire in 2003. Honda's VCM technology debuted in this vehicle. The design team also gave the 2003 Inspire an advanced cruise control system and a collision braking system.

The company debuted the final Inspire in Japan. It had many new technologies, such as adaptive cruise control and a helpful navigation system.

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