Honda Fuya Jo

The Honda Fuya Jo is a vehicle that has an interesting and unique concept to it. The Fuya Jo vehicle is specifically designed for someone who wants to drink and drive. While these two things should not be combined as they present a danger and a threat to others driving on the road, Honda created this vehicle despite the fact. It made its first appearance at a motor shot in Tokyo in 1999. It then started making other appearances and gaining more attention internationally at events up until 2002.

The inside of the Fuya Jo is designed to look like a nightclub. The dash appears to look as if it were inspired by DJ turntables. The floor was also created to fit the part scene lifestyle, as it has a spill-proof covering. This is especially helpful if you are driving and your vodka happens to spill. In this event, there is no need to worry because the spill-proof covering has you covered. The lower level of the vehicle makes it easier for the drunk people you are riding with to find a spot to hide.

While the Fuya Jo does seem like a great party vehicle and has all the features one would need to feel like they are in a nightclub, the concept of the vehicle wasn't primarily all about having irresponsible fun. The vehicle was created in order for Honda to design a hybrid drivetrain that was eco-friendly.

The style of the Fuya Jo is appealing to the eye for all that catch a glimpse of it. However, it attracted attention for many of the wrong reasons. The Fuya Jo is just a practical vehicle that could have possibly made it to production one day.

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