Honda FR-V

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Honda FR-V by Rudolf Stricker.

The Honda FR-V, produced from 2004-2009, was a six seat bit of oddity that never found its niche in the crowded European multi-purpose vehicle market. The middle individual front seat was sufficient for a child, or small adult, and it could be folded down for a more conventional five seat profile. The slightly extra width of the FR-V made it feel quite roomy for a compact MPV.

The evolution of the FR-V's power plant might have something to do with its limited lifespan. Initially introduced with the option of a 1.7 or 2.0 liter gasoline engine, or a 2.2 turbo-charged diesel, the later versions came with only a 1.8 liter gas engine. Combined with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission made the FR-V a fun drive around town, or along country roads, with something around thirty miles per gallon fuel economy to boot. The downside came when wide-open highway driving, or extremely hilly terrain was attempted; the 1.8 liter was just slightly under-powered when it came to higher speed driving.

On the plus side, the interior of the FR-V was typically high-quality for a vehicle manufactured by Honda. The cabin was also well insulated from road and traffic noise. The fold down rear seats allowed for ample cargo space, and the usual Honda reliability was reassuring to the owner.

It would be interesting to know just what the FR-V could have evolved into over time. With a few tweaks to the engine, and possibly a change in the seating configuration, might have made the FR-V quite a force in the multi-purpose vehicle market.

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