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American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

The Honda Fit is a four door subcompact car. It first began being manufactured in 2001. The car is marketed all over the world and there are ten plants located in eight countries. The car is very popular among car consumers because it is a hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle. The name "Fit" is used in countries such as Japan, China, and America while the name "Jazz" is used in countries such as Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

The first generation of the Honda Fit made its appearance in June 2001. After being debuted in Japan, it immediately became a great success with car consumers. It won its first award by being awarded the "Car of the Year" Award in Japan. By the end of the year in 2001, the Honda Fit had made more sales than the Toyota Corolla. A main feature of this car is that its fuel tank is located under the driver's front seat and its compact rear suspension allows drivers to fold the rear seats at an especially low level.

The latest generation, the third generation, uses an innovative platform. In North America, the American model made its first appearance in 2014. A 6-speed manual transmission is a key feature of this specific vehicle. The wheelbase of this third generation vehicle is approximately 1.2 inches longer than the vehicle in the previous generation. This ultimately gives passengers increased legroom by approximately 4.8 inches.

Sales for this car exceeded expectations of those who produced it. The first generation car was able to easily exceed the original monthly sales by a large percentage. It ranked first in sales for nine months out of twelve. This helped it become the best selling vehicle in Japan. This made history for the Honda model, as the Honda company had never achieved this before.

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