Honda Fit EV

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American Honda Motor Company, Inc.

The Honda Fit EV was introduced in 2010 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The first production vehicle was delivered in 2012. Initial production goals for the Fit EV were 1100 units over 2 years. The car was only offered as a lease, with an initial price of $389 a month. Sales were slow, and Honda reduced the lease price to $259 a month. This spurred interest to the point that all 1100 units were produced in only 20 months, and production ceased.

The Fit EV had an EPA range of 82 miles on a full charge. The 5 door sedan was capable of 90 mph. The vehicle was fitted with front and side airbags, and an anti-lock braking system. Charge time was 3 hours using a 240V charger, or 15 hours with a 120V charger. The battery is rated at 20kwh, with a output of 100kw. The Fit EV was also equipped with regenerative braking. This turned the motor into a generator during braking.

The Fit EV had 3 driving modes: Sport, Normal, and Economy. The Sport mode was rated at 123 hp but decreased driving range. Normal was rated at 100 hp, and Eco was rated at 63. Eco mode was primarily used to extend the driving range in case the battery charge was running low. Cold weather could reduce driving ranges up to 50%, while hot weather was around a 10% reduction.

All Fit EV's came standard with roadside assistance in case you ran out of juice. Honda is currently offering off lease Fit EV's in some states for lease again.

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