Released in 2000, Honda FCX has featured hydrogen fuel technology that was state-of-the-art for its time. This innovative fuel technology is twice as powerful as the counterpart technology by Honda from 10 years ago. Moreover, its fuel-cell stack is so small that it is fixed in the central armrest. The lithium battery pack is also light and small. It fits under one of the rear seats. Moreover, this lithium battery pack has featured efficiency that was unparalleled for its time. Since the fuel-cell stack and battery pack are so small, the interior of this Honda is very spacious.

Interior of Honda FCX is well-designed with five comfortable seats for adults. Moreover, the fabric that has been used in the production of these seats has been certified as renewable and sustainable.

At the time it was built, there were few hydrogen refueling stations available in the United States. Since then, quite a few were opened, partially funded by United States government.

The country where Honda FCX was first introduced is Japan. Nowadays it is also available in Europe and the United States. But not everyone in the United States can buy it. Only the people living in Southern California can buy it. This is so because California is the only state with a significant number of hydrogen refueling stations.

Honda FCX is a qualified fuel cell motor car. The announcement which bestowed this title upon Honda FCX was made by the Internal Revenue Service in July 2007. It received this title because it fulfilled all the requirements set forth by the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit. The announcement by the Internal Revenue Service has made buyers of the Honda FCX eligible for a special government credit. This credit equaled 12,000 dollars. The problem, however, is that Honda does not let people purchase this car. Honda allows people only to lease it.

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