Honda CR-Z

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Honda CR-Z by James Hamel.

The team at Honda used blueprints for other hybrid cars during the design and production phase for the CR-Z. The company debuted the automobile in 2007 at the Tokyo Motor Show. According to Honda, the vehicle is called the CR-Z because it is built with Compact Renaissance Zero.

The following year, Honda marketed the CR-Z in Detroit at an international show. However, in 2009, the design team redesigned the vehicle to increase sales. Thanks to the updates, the company received the Car of the Year award in Japan.

The CR-Z got an average rating for side crashes. However, the industry give the car an outstanding score for rollover.

When the CR-Z was developed, Norio Tomobe was the project leader. In the past, he worked on projects as a chief engineer. The concept of the vehicle was very simple; the team wanted to build a sports car with fun driving characteristics.

In North America, sales started to grow during the summer of 2010. Near the end of that year, Honda sold over 3,000 vehicles. Several months later, Honda debuted three trims, which were the EX, the EX with navigation, and Base.

Sales increased dramatically after Honda aired various commercials during major sporting events. The company also sponsored a competition at universities in different cities. Students who participated designed highly effective social media ads for the CR-Z.

The engineers at Honda also developed a CR-Z and entered it in a 25-hour race in 2010. The vehicle had a turbo engine that produced 175 hp.

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