This vehicle has been developed not only by Honda but also by the Austin Rover Group. The world learnt about this vehicle in June of 1988. That is also the year when Honda has started manufacturing it. Honda has stopped manufacturing it in 1994.

As you may have guessed, Honda Concerto has been named in honor of a musical form. Its design reflects Honda's desire to appeal to European consumers. The Honda Integra and the Honda Ballade are the predecessors of Honda Concerto.

Honda Concerto's unpopularity and poor sales have prompted Honda to halt its production.

There was a Japanese version of Honda Concerto that was sold only in Japan. That version of Honda Concerto was sold through Japanese dealerships each of which was called Clio.

There were two locations where this Honda was manufactured. One of them was Mie, Japan. The other one was Birmingham, United Kingdom. Honda's plant at first location manufactured Concertos for the Japanese marker, while Honda's plant at second location manufactured Concertos for the European market. The main difference between the cars made at these two locations was the front suspension. Double wishbone was the type of suspension at Concerto made in Japan. MacPherson struts was the type of suspension at Concerto made in England.

The first Honda Concerto was sold in Europe after the England-based plant was opened. This happened in the end of 1989, a year after Honda Concerto began selling in Japan. The liftback version of Honda Concerto with five doors was sold in the vast majority of European markets. This version replaced Honda Integra, the car with poor sales record. However, Honda Concerto's lifespan was not great either. In 1993, its sedan version went out of production. This happened because of Concerto's poor sales. They were especially poor when viewed against the sales of Rover 400.

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