In 1981, the first Honda City debuted with a unique design. Because it had an unusual height, four passengers could easily fit in the cabin. Honda built the vehicle with three doors, but the design team developed multiple trims.

About a year later, the marketing team introduced the Honda City Turbo. This trim had the Honda ER engine with turbocharged components.

In 1994, Honda replaced the City series AA with the GA1. The new vehicle didn't have a convertible trim. Consumers who wanted a sporty automobile had to purchase a previous generation trim.

The next Honda City was called the SX8 because it had many new features. Honda redesigned the car for the Asian market. All design procedures were implemented at a facility in Ayutthaya, Thailand. The development process was easily during the early stages because Honda engineers had access to a lot of local content. The bumpers were built in several pieces, so the shipping process was fast.

In November 2002, an improved vehicle debuted at the International Motor Expo in Thailand. Honda gave consumers a trim with four-wheel drive. Later, the marketing team imported the automobile from Thailand and marketed it to consumers in Japan.

The company advertised the final Honda City in Thailand in 2008. Then, Honda launched the automobile in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Because the marketing conditions varied, Honda sold the vehicle with different mechanical components in most areas. However, consumers in Asian got three specific variants, which were the SV, S, and V trim.

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