The Honda Ballade is an automobile that was manufactured by Honda of Japan. The car was initially built as a car with four doors. Its development was during the same time period as the Honda Vigor. The Ballade was only sold at Japanese dealerships, although the Triumph Acclaim which shared many of the same features and shared an engine built by Honda was launched in the United Kingdom.

The name of the car was named after "ballad", a French word. The Ballade was said to be symbolic of a type of music, since the Ballade and the Quintet had many luxury features that came from the Honda Civic.

The Ballade eventually got to a point to where it was eventually sharing the majority of its parts with the Honda Civic. However, a sportier end is one feature that set it apart from the Civic and gave it a more sporty feel.

The Ballade that had been produced in Japan was eventually discontinued and replaced by the Honda Concerto. Concerto was the initial name that Honda came up with, but then renamed the Concerto as the Honda Domani. The Ballade was basically a more luxurious version of the Honda Civic. The sporty version of the Honda Civic eventually lead to the production of the Honda Integra.

Throughout its life, the Ballade got a variety of facelifts. These include, but are not limited to, a beverage holder, redesigned bumpers, alloy wheels that were lightweight, and a gearbox that had an anti-shock effect.

In South Africa, the Ballade name continued to be the name used for models that were based on the Civic. These cars were assembled by Daimler-Benz who had a desire to market smaller and inexpensive cars. The Ballade name was used because it was believed to have a more luxurious connotation that the Civic name.

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