Honda Acty

In 1977, the first generation of Honda Acty trucks were shown to the world. These trucks have become an innovative replacement for Kei trucks. Because at the time of its release the government of Japan updated the rules for trucks and vehicles, the size of first Honda Acty was significantly larger than what was normal for its time. It was so big that its powerful engine was 50% bigger than the engine of preceding Honda trucks.

In 1979, the van version of this truck was shown to the world. However, the van version has many similarities to the regular version. Side doors and taillights are exactly the same on both versions because of Honda's desire to save money on development costs.

Both versions of Honda Acty were sold in numerous markets around the world. In some countries, it enjoyed unparalleled success. In Great Britain, for example, it has created a new category of vehicles. Because of such enormous success, Suzuki Motor Corporation has created Bedford Rascal, a vehicle that aimed to compete with Honda Acty.

Besides two main versions of Honda Acty, there also was an upper trim of this vehicle. The name of this vehicle was the Honda Street. Honda started selling it in 1981. The upper trim was produced for the second generation of Honda Acty as well.

In 1988, Honda has shown the world a second generation of Honda Acty. It featured a brand new E05 engine that boasted an addition of a new cylinder. This made the engine far more powerful than before and gave it a rating of 34 PS at 5500 rpm.

Truck and van versions of a second generation Honda Acty were the first models released. However, a month after their release, a commercial version of Honda Acty was released. Honda has also released a version of Honda Acty for farmers. It was called Acty Attack.

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