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The Honda Accord is an automobile that is most well known for its four-door sedan variant. It has been awarded many achievements, being one of the top selling cars in America since 1989. The Accord is made in a variety of styles, such as a coupe, station wagon, a crossover, and a hatchback.

The Accord made history by becoming the first car manufactured by a Japanese manufacturer in the United States. It has achieved exceptional success, especially in America, where it was rated the top selling car made in Japan for approximately fifteen years. A number of road tests have been conducted on the Honda Accord and it has been rated as one of the world's most reliable cars.

Since it was first designed, a variety of different body styles have been made available to consumers. Automobiles that are marketed as the Accord in different regions often vary considerably.

After a period of designing and developing a vast array of vehicles that looked and felt the same, Honda decided it was time to invent an automobile that would appeal to a variety of consumers and provoke more than just a lukewarm response in consumers. After developing the Honda Civic, Honda created another car to attract car consumers. This ultimately lead to the development of the Honda Accord. This was a big development for the Honda company because of the reliability it provided to consumers, as well as the low cost in fuel costs. The Accord is basically a larger model of the Honda Civic. The name for this model was chosen because of the company's desire to see people being harmonious toward one another, society, and the automobile. There are a variety of generations of the Honda Accord, and each generation offers consumers a variety of different features to choose from.

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