Eric Sebastian's Civic Pure Honda Car of the Year

When you have to have a special place to store your trophies, or there's so many that you put some in the attic, then you got something good. Eric Sebastian has accomplished this with over 80 tropies total in just 2 years.

Jennifer: How did you get started with Hondas?

Eric: "In 1991 I decided to buy my first Honda, I bought I 1991 civic dx 4 door, the reason why I bought this car was so my friends and I can cruise around on a 4 door... but in 1993 I started hooking up the car I put 15 inch wheels (which was already sooooo big in 1993) exhaust, and a nice loud system... then around 1995-96 I got started in the performance part of the car... I also begun racing the car just for time shots (but I really first started racing in 1989 with my conquest tsi)... anyway... I was the only import racing at our local track (atco, nj) and I always got laughed at for the fact that no only did I have an import, I also had the slowest car at the track...then in 1997 I realized that this 4 door automatic will not get me anywhere in import racing, I decided to buy a 1997 civic hatch... that is how I got started in the honda scene... by the way my 4 door is still running with 130,000 miles."

Jennifer: Tell me about your current ride and it's history.

Eric: "My current ride was bought for the sole purpose of racing/showing... what I mean is I knew what I was going to do when I went out and purchased this car. I bought the car in 1997 (July) the first thing that I did was lower the car with only 32 miles on the car...I did a lil bolt on here and there header, intake exhaust etc. Then I fooled around with NOS. The car ran great, but I eventually blew my in 1999 (august) I got an engine swap (1996 b18c1 gsR) I did the common bolt ons....50 shots of NOS...then ran a 13.30 @105 on street tires. Then on December 1999 erebuni (one of my sponsors since 1998) gave me a new body kit."

Jennifer: What awards have your Civic won so far?

Eric: "Currently I have too many to mention, but to make the long story short now (as of 5-9-00) I have 81 career trophies from both show and race 20 in 1998 51 in 1999 and 10 so far in 2000. These awards are from both show and race with about the same equal amount and also the... "Honda of the year award" from"

Jennifer: What plans do you have for your Civic in the future?

Eric: "Since I call my car the 13 sec daily driven show car, I really would like to be in the 12' turbo is the next major mod I have in mind....and also I would like more dress up stuff to make the cars appearance better."

Jennifer: Who would you like to thank for supporting you?

Eric: "I would like to thank, Erebuni corp. (new york), Creative Styling (Chinatown, Philly), Gambardella Racing (nj), Ex Motor Spot (nj), First Choice Collision (nj) Meineke (nj), Team Flip Speed, Team Evo, Team Alpha, Gene Lui, Arvin Hernandez, Super Street Mag,, Tenzo R, to god, my family, to my pit crew "rat" , "Urbz", "Manny" and the rest of my team."

Jennifer: Additional comments by Eric

Eric: "By the way the car is featured in Super Street Magazine page 142 June 2000 issue. I really would like to thanks the people at for the exposure and opportunities you have opened for me. I'm looking forward to being's "Project Honda" sponsored car!"

Jennifer: Once again we would like to congratulate Eric and wish him the best in his future endeavors!